The Yellow Sun
A story of colors, forms and feelings

January 27 - February 21, 2009

eatured artist
Jyrki Pellinen

Opening Reception with the artist: Thursday, January 29, 6:00 - 8:30 pm

Jyrki Pellinen (born 1940 in Helsinki) is in Finland best known for his highly acclaimed literary production, which includes over thirty works of poetry and poetic prose. He has received the National Literary Price in 1966, 1974 and 1984, and the esteemed Eino Leino Award in 1988.

However, Pellinen is also a serendipitous visual mole finding his royal road, with his tentacles reverberating toward the lightwinds of color, giving form to formless, misty feelings, and nourishing unprecedented expressions.

The viewers of his works have been taken by surprise ever since his first solo exhibition in 1972. After that, he has had several exhibitions and stylistic transitions. This New York exhibition is gathered from his first innovative period that breaks down the decorative and shifts the canvas into a de-decoy that first whispers seductively and then lets the thought-emotions be released from the traps of convention.

Pellinen's world view is neither about the secure coordinates nor about the adult, "mature" truth. Pellinen's figures and landscapes lean backward and face the futures to come, charmed by early memories and itching desires. Every picture is for Pellinen storied by the practice of painting. No picture resembles of any other, but every process of painting is a theory in itself, seeing the eagerly burning cheeks through the reified experiences, and escaping the stiff principles and attitudes forced by any conforming society. Illuminating for Pellinen means painting in his own language, which tells us that the nipples and buds are in the midst of us.

Pellinen's paintings attest to the explorations of the brave and the humble. These explorations are dedicated to the baits of enchantment and jubilant delights. Pellinen has what William Hazlitt called "that quick jerk and impatient stride which distinguishes a lover of the Fancy." With pleasures to be offered by his head & heart, he does not leave us into the arctic freeze but lifts his noble painterly hand and pursuits the ever-running suns and their seasons. He sends us to enjoy in the very spring of thinking feelings - with a sudden spring, and by the flowing spring of colors.

When Pellinen is in the color moods, the moments of happening follow each their others and lead astray to everything possible. Perspectives of change are approaching us and paying homage to our own revelations and insights. The result of a happy beginning, the risk of understanding absurdly otherwise than an inert, torpid mass, is present for the opening of this exhibition, to be related in the back of a yard (or consciousness). Exciting lines potentiate and resonate the mind-brain-body of the radiant rascal. There are caravans of meanings spreading on every painting; and afterwards, when the journey is done: back to business and healthy breathing over the hill or the dale, waiting for the fresh suns to appear.

Painting in "shinese" - Juhani Ihanus, Ph.D., Finnish cultural psychologist, essayist and critic

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