One-man Art Show
Anton Kandinsky

Current Works

October 1 - November 15, 2013

InterArt Prints

InterArt Gallery is proud to present current paintings by Anton Kandinsky.

The artist, who maintains a studio in New York City, exhibited in New York, London, cities of the former Soviet Union, Heidelberg and Prague. His paintings are privately collected in Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, UK, and United States. One of Kandinsky's paintings hangs in the Knesset in Jerusalem.

More recently, Kandinsky's work has been auctioned in New York and London by Philips De Puree as his modern work has begun to attract more attention.

His pop-art style works has also appeared at several recent auctions, and has been featured in recent InterArt Gallery exhibition.

Anton Kandinsky
"Don't ask - Don't tell", oil on canvas, 72" x 48"


"Russian Kung-Fu Master"
oil on canvas, 48"x 36"


"I Don't want to be Churchill -
I want to be 50 Cent"
oil on canvas, 36"x 48"


"Naive Grenade"
oil on canvas, 40"x 30"


"I Don't want to be Russian Artist -
I want to be Freidrich Nietzsche"
oil on canvas, 48"x 60"


"I Don't want to be Russian billionaire -
I want to be an Indian billionaire"
oil on canvas, 36"x 48"


"West - East"
oil on canvas, 48"x 60"

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